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Welcome to De Jesus Special Investigation & Security. Since 2021, we’ve been a full-service Private Detective Firm, and over the years, we’ve built up a solid reputation based on integrity, quality, and experience. Each of our investigators is experienced and dedicated, and together we make up a skilled and well-rounded team. We’re serious about our work, holding all clients' information strictly confidential. Keep reading to learn about special qualities that set us apart, past case studies, services provided, and more.


[ General Surveillance / Matrimonial / Domestic Investigations / Missing Persons ]


Several great benefits exist for clients who decide to work with De Jesus Special Investigation & Security. With our interrogation expertise and our commitment to your privacy, you can rest assured that your case remains absolutely confidential with our Private Detective Firm. Our clients can trust us, and we provide the best information as guarantee and free consultations to foster and protect that trust.

[ Hidden Camera Surveillance / Landlord & Tenant / Employment Activity / Background Checks ]


De Jesus Special Investigation & Security is known for employing some of the most experienced and educated investigators in the area. That’s because after years of experience working both small and large scale cases, our world-class investigators understand what it takes to get the results you need. With responsible research as one of the main pillars at our company, we consistently adhere to strict quality and privacy standards in order to ensure our work remains unbiased, relevant, and accurate.

[ Insurance Fraud Investigation / Due Dilligence / Mobile & Digital Forensics ]


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